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Taga Harmony Platinum S90SL

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Platinum S-90 SL Surround Speaker




"The elegantly designed Platinum Slim speakers’ series offers brisk and lively sound that draws the audience immediately into it...


The SLIM speakers open a wide space which is filled with a lot of detailed sound at movie and music playback. When properly leveled the Platinum speakers play together homogeneously and amaze with their control when performing at high volumes…"








"...TAGA system shows a combination of good dynamics and resolution. The compact speakers play the voice of Alicia Keys with a pleasant expressive wideband sound. The system has also a rich bass and warm main tones in hop-hop and pop what brings men’s voices with impressive clarity.


In an analogous CD audio playback the TAGA system goes a step higher in terms of sound quality. It continues offering a hi-fi combination of high quality presentation. Dynamics, spatial resolution and sound image are immaculate. The bass is wonderfully round and soft while the highs come with nice brilliance and sharp details. Thus the impressive voice of the soul diva Gladys Knights sounds especially widely and velvety."










You love the excellent sound of our award-winning and highly acclaimed Platinum series but your spouse would be furious seeing big boxes in your living room. Here comes the solution! The solution means no any substitutions or compromises were used but just like in an old good movie: the Platinum series has just been shrunken to more compact, appealing SLIM version.


The eye catching, stylish curved cabinet made of strong and thick MDF boards equipped with advanced drivers and high quality crossovers give crisp, clear, natural and dynamic sound performance.







2-way, 2 drivers, Wall mounts

12mm MDF TLIE enclosure

Crossover points 4.3kHz
High-Frequency Driver: 25mm (1”), TPTTD, TWG faceplate, TTP 
Bass / Midrange Driver: 133mm (5.25”), TPACD
Recommended Amplifier Power:


Frequency Response (+/- 3dB):


Impedance: 6 ohm
Sensitivity: 87dB
Dimensions (H x W x D): 26 x 17 x 15 cm
Weight (net):

6.6 kg pair (PVC)

7.9 kg pair (High Gloss)




La primera sorpresa nada más abrir la caja y sacar el embalaje fueron los acabados de gran calidad que presentaban.
En cuanto a la escucha, una vez transcurridas las primeras horas de rodaje, la conclusión es: sorprendente.
Gran zona media. Las voces, cualquiera que sea su género, y los cellos presentan esa carnosidad aterciopelada que confiere volumen a la escucha.
Por otra parte, es de destacar la transparencia y cristalinidad de los agudos, incluso probando grabaciones con instrumentos tan críticos como el clave.
En cuanto a las bajas frecuencias, nada que objetar. Nos presenta unos graves limpios, suficientes y contenidos.
Todo ello, en su conjunto, nos transmite una escucha agradable y ponderada, ayudada de una tímbrica muy natural.
Por tanto, en mi humilde opinión, nos hallamos ante un mini monitor cuyas medidas reducidas lo hace idóneo para pequeñas estancias, superando con creces a otros de precio muy superior, eso sí, de marcas mucho más conocidas.

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Taga Harmony Platinum S90SL

Taga Harmony Platinum S90SL

48 horas

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