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Taga Harmony PF1000

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PF-1000 High-End Audio Grade Noise Filter


Clean electricity improving the performance of your audio-video system.


PF-1000 is a perfect addition to your audio or home theatre system.

The electricity we are supplied with at our homes or workplaces is not clean and there is almost always at least some noise. This dirty electricity can have a negative effect on the audio-video performance of your system and even affects its life.


PF-1000 removes noise from your electricity as well as isolates sound sources from the electrical network. 







Max Spike Volt:


Max Surge Current (8x20s):


Max Clamping Volt (8x20s): 470V
Noise Filter:

>-10dB (2-100MHz)


4 Direct, 4 Filtered

Rating: AC 250V 15A Max.
AC Power, Power Consumption:

230V~240V 50Hz, 0.1W<

Dimensions (H x W x D): 9 x 44.5 x 14 cm
Weight (net):

2.9 kg / pcs.


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Taga Harmony PF1000

Taga Harmony PF1000

15 días

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